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Photography for Couples and Families!

Natural and memorable photosessions with Nuno Palha. 

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The Photographer - Nuno Palha

After 18 years of professional photography, I am deeply grateful for all the places and countries I have visited, hundreds of couples I have photographed, and experiences I have lived.

From photo sessions in the Caribbean to weddings in Dubai and India, I can say that photography has transformed my life beyond my dreams.

Bold Couples - Family Photojournalism - is an expansion of my work, from weddings to families.

These photosessions are very natural, fun, and at the same time intimate and revealing. You can discover new "spots", streets and places where you have never been before... but you can also spend a day with me in a cozy place, while we take photos from morning to night in a casual but memorable way.

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What are the best ocasions for a Bold Photosession?
  1. Pre-wedding - time to warm up and get some prints for your wedding gifts! Its a great time to start having fun and loosen up!
  2. Honeymoon - Lay down in the sun, eat and sleep the whole time? Sure.... but a bit of fun and photos will not only take the honeymoon to the next level, but also you will get photos that most couples don´t have in their collection.
  3. Rock the Dress or "Trash the Dress" - these are sessions with the wedding dress ON, to somehow complement your wedding photos and bring that "newly-wed" feeling once again!
  4. Valentine session - The surprise gift every partner will love.
  5. Street Session - You are eager to know new places, new streets, new hidden corners of a new city? This is the best way to do it.
  6. Fun weekend - Want to spend a fun weekend wandering around, making things that you would normally never do? Let´s pick um a map and design the best possible route for you!
  7. You are pregnant - Every Pregnancy needs to have its moments captured. A celebration to the womanhood and maternity.
  8. Baby is born! - between the 4th to 6th week is the best time to make the first newborn photosession. Once in a lifetime window of opportunity. Your child will thank you in the future.
  9. Family time. Instead of going to the movies and shopping on a Saturday afternoon, a Bold Photosession will give you all of that adrenaline, fun and elements of surprise.
  10. Fantasy into reality - Do you have some nice costumes you want to use? Dress like a superhero in the middle of the street? Use your bugsbunny costumes in the top of Mount Everest? Whatever you wish, we can get it done!
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Email: info (@) boldcouples (dot) com

Adress: Nuno Palha Studios - Rua da Liberdade, 131 , 1675-043 Pontinha - Lisboa - Portugal

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